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When looking for locks to secure your property, you will find that there are many different styles available, and each one is designed to serve a specific purpose. To help you decide what you might need in your situation, here are a few of the most popular locking systems.


The image of padlocks on Vancouver, BC

Padlocks are locks that are typically not permanently attached to whatever they’re locking. They come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes and are available with keys or as combination locks. As for security, padlocks can be cut off fairly easily, so some padlocks come with a shrouded shackle. This is an extension of the body of the lock where the shoulders of the lock ride up on the shackle to make it difficult to cut the lock with bolt cutters.


The Image of Deadbolts lock with key at Vancouver, BC

These are commonly used on external doors. Most of the ones you see in homes have a key for the outside and a thumb turn on the inside to open or close the lock, although others require a key to operate on either side of the door. Some deadbolts with a thumb turn only work from the inside of the home and are generally used in addition to a keyed lock for additional security.

Knob Locks

The clear image of knob locks at Vancouver, BC

These locks are integrated into the doorknob and are common inside homes for bedroom or bathroom doors. They should never be used for exterior doors, unless there’s also a deadbolt lock in place, as they are easily broken.

Lever Locks

The image of lever lock on Vancouver, BC

These locks are similar to knob locks but have a handle instead of just a knob. This makes it easier to use than the knobs since one doesn’t have to grasp and turn as with a knob lock. These locks are especially suited to people who have difficulty grasping and are often used when handicap accessibility is important.

Cam Locks

The man using camlocks at Vancouver, BC

These are very simple locks that use a cam and are usually employed by using the key to rotate the cam 90° or 180°. These are most often found on furniture such as filing cabinets, mailboxes, or other lower security applications.

Electronic Locks

The man using electronic lock system at Vancouver, BC

These locks come in a variety of styles. Some are activated via a keypad on the outside of the lock, and these are particularly useful for granting access to more than one user. Electronic locks can also be activated with key cards or smart devices.

Make the Right Choice

If you’re in a quandary as to which type of lock may fit your particular situation, you should consult the security professionals at Accurate Security. For over 50 years we have helped homes and businesses throughout British Columbia remain safe and secure. Your safety, as well as the safety of your family or employees, is our top priority. No matter your security needs, our team will provide competitive prices and premier security solutions you can trust.

For more information about the services we offer, visit our website or contact us at 604-777-3888.