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Accurate Security’s Extensive Safe and Vault Selection

Accurate Security offers maximum security for belongings with safes and vaults in Vancouver, Canada. Our superior safes are competitively priced and provide excellent protection. When you need to store your most highly-prized possessions, you can find an extensive range of safes in our safe showroom. Our security professionals help you choose the best safe or vault for your needs. Whether you need a custom-built or fire-resistant safe, we have all shapes and sizes for you. Contact us today to get started.

Types of Safes at Accurate Security

Safes are constructed based on their unique purpose. The most common types of safes for the home include:

  • Fire SafeFire safes typically have thick walls and doors that are specially designed for fire protection.
  • Burglary SafeA burglary-proof safe is thick and typically consists of a steel plate and fire and burglary resistant material.
  • Gun SafeGun safes range from small pistol safes for drawers to large gun vaults for rifles.

The most common types of safes for businesses include:

  • Bank VaultA bank vault includes a heavy, steel door with a complex locking mechanism.
  • Depository SafeOur depository safes are ideal for governments and banks for optimum protection. Their locking doors can only open with authorization, and many feature drop slots and chutes in addition to doors.
  • Data SafeData safes are perfect for protecting media devices like external hard drives and flash drives.
  • Hotel Safe – Hotel safes are compact and designed to store smaller items for maximum security.
  • Office Safe– An office safe is typically fireproof and drop tested with a secure locking mechanism.

American Security

Accurate Security offers a wide variety of American Security safes. Our American Security safes are high quality and constructed with innovative technology. We offer hundreds of models of fire-resistant and burglary-resistant safes for every insurance classification. American Security’s custom safes are designed to meet specific cash handling requirements for businesses with strict policies. We can help you find the American Security safe that best fits your needs.

Choosing the Best Safe

Our Accurate Security team understands the large variety of safes can be overwhelming. It’s challenging to single out the best safe. You must determine the types of valuables that will be stored in your safe. Each type of safe provides specific features to suit different security needs. Safes have various UL or TL safety ratings and offer different types of resistance.

Professional Safe Delivery 

Accurate Security provides professional safe and vault delivery in the Lower Mainland area. While we do not install safes ourselves, we coordinate with the appropriate vendors on your behalf. We’ll deliver your custom-built safe to your home or business as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our technicians are all fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind. Your safe and vault products are in the best possible hands with our experienced technicians.

Why Choose Accurate Security?

Accurate Security has offered the highest quality safes and vaults since 1968. We are here to provide optimum security for all your safe and vault needs. We invite you to visit our showroom today or check out our online inventory to find the safe and vault for your needs. We have multiple locations for your convenience. Contact us today!

Providing Security Solutions for the Greater Vancouver Since 1968