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Keys. We all have them, we carry them everywhere, and we lose them sometimes, but they open up all the things that are of value to us. Keys and locks are the tools we use to protect our families, our homes, and our belongings.

Although you use them every day, you probably don’t think much about the variety of locks and keys that are available. To give you a broader understanding of the various types and their uses, here are a few of the most common locks and keys.

Mechanically Cut

The image of Mechanically Cut in Vancouver, BC

These are simple keys, cut on a single side, and the ridge pattern will match the tumblers in the lock. They’re very easy to duplicate at your local hardware store, and many retail establishments now offer self-service duplication machines, so you can make a new key yourself. Most homes have used these keys for decades.

Double or Four Sided

The image of Double or Four Sided key at Vancouver, BC

These are also mechanically cut keys, but they have ridges on 2 more sides. They provide tighter security than keys with ridges on only 1 side and are less likely to snap if you get them stuck in the lock.

Transponder Key

The image of bunch of keys at Vancouver, BC

These types of keys, also called chip keys, are found in many modern automobiles. They contain a microchip that correlates to the car’s ignition code. They’re impossible to duplicate, which makes them extremely secure.

Smart Key

The image of smart electronic key at Vancouver, BC

The smart key is becoming more and more popular in modern cars. Smart keys are very secure like chip keys, but with a smart key, you can remotely lock or unlock and even start your car.

Keycard Key

The image of keycard key at Vancouver, BC

Commonly used in hotels, these keys are programmed to the specific lock or locks that the bearer may need to access. These are very convenient to carry and can be updated easily.

Tubular Key

The image of tubular key at Vancouver, BC

These keys are sometimes called barrel keys and they’re used on locks with tubular pin designs. They’re often found on bike locks and vending machines. They offer a high level of security because they’re very difficult to duplicate.

Padlock Keys

The image of gold color padlock key at Vancouver, BC

Obviously from the name, these keys are used with padlocks. They’re generally very small to be portable and are usually specific to one padlock. They can be duplicated easily, using the key as a pattern. In addition, a locksmith can use a technique called impresioning, using the lock to make a new key.


These are just a few of the types of locks available on the market today. If you have any specific needs regarding the security of your commercial or residential property, you can trust the professionals at Accurate Security.

For over 50 years we have helped homes and businesses throughout British Columbia remain safe and secure. Your safety, as well as the safety of your family or employees, is our top priority. No matter your security needs, our team will provide competitive prices and premier security solutions you can trust.

For more information about the services we offer, visit our website or contact us at 604-777-3888.