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Male security officer controls CCTV cameras in office, uses digital tablet and computers with surveillance camera footage playback on screens. High tech security system. Monitoring and social safety.

Security Camera Recordings

As digital cameras have become smaller and less expensive, they’ve become much more commonplace. While surveillance video systems used to be expensive and unwieldy, they can now be operated at little cost and with little technical know-how. You have no doubt noticed that video monitoring is essentially everywhere, throughout public spaces and on private property. Because of privacy concerns, the law dictates that the public must be made aware of the presence of security cameras, and that security camera recordings must be destroyed after a certain amount of time. How long do businesses keep CCTV footage? Let’s take a closer look.

Understanding Closed Circuit Television

Security cameras used to record video onto tapes or DVDs. Today, most surveillance camera footage is digital, and it can be stored in a variety of ways. SD cards, similar to the ones found in digital cameras can be used, or the camera can be connected to hard drives that store the footage. Footage can also be recorded to DVRs, or it can be stored in the cloud, owned and managed by a hosting company. The method of storage has an impact on how long the footage is stored: small storage formats like SD cards must be overwritten frequently because they fill up quickly.

Why Keep Security Footage?

In most stores, restaurants, and other businesses, footage from security cameras is not being continuously monitored. Because no one is watching the footage live, it is often kept until it can be reviewed. Under Canadian law, there must be a good reason for the footage to be collected in the first place. In other words, business owners cannot set up security cameras just to spy on their employees. Because the cameras are used to capture footage of incidents that occur, many property owners or managers only view the footage after something has happened. Depending on what was captured on tape, there may be a reason to keep footage for longer than it would normally be kept.

How Long Do Businesses Store Security Camera Footage?

Most businesses keep video footage for 30 to 90 days. After that, it is sometimes backed up to the cloud before being discarded. Businesses maintain security camera footage longer if they’re investigating incidents or need it for compliance with regulations. Certain businesses, like banks, may need to store their footage for 6 months or more for purposes of security.

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