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Professional security personnel motion detector for residential and commercial safety in Vancouver, BC

Motion Sensors and Home Security

Home security systems rely on movement sensors to detect changes in the nearby environment that could indicate an intruder. These activity sensors can be used in a variety of ways, and they’re often used for driveway alarms, motion-activated lights, pool safety systems, motion-sensor cameras, and even medical alert systems. Motion sensors can automatically turn on lights when someone nears your home, sound an alarm when there is movement inside your house, or trigger a camera to record someone approaching or entering your home. How do these sensors work? There are a few different types of motion detectors, so they function in a few different ways.

Active Ultrasonic vs Infrared Motion Detectors

Infrared light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum undetectable by the human eye. A passive infrared (PIR) sensor works by detecting infrared energy, heat released by humans and animals, and notify the home security system if there’s an increase in this energy. This is a little bit different than active ultrasonic detectors, which emit ultrasonic sound waves. As these waves reflect of objects and bounce back to the sensor, it is triggered to either switch on a light or sound an alarm. These are the two most common types of motion detectors used in home security systems.

Microwave Sensors

The next most common type of occupancy detector uses microwaves. Like ultrasonic sensors, microwave sensors send out microwaves, which hit objects and bounce back, registering movement in the room. A microwave sensor can measure the reflection rate, in order to determine exactly how far away an object is.

Dual Sensors

Some detectors use a combination of technologies, from infrared motion detectors and microwave sensors. You’re not likely to have a false alarm from a dual sensor system, because the two types of technology verify each other. Before the detector registers movement and triggers an alarm both types of sensors have to detect movement.

Contact Accurate Security for Your Security Needs

The type of motion detector you choose will depend on the type of security system you need, and you can determine this by talking to security experts. Since 1968, Accurate Security has served homes and businesses in the Lower Mainland, and we’re the Greater Vancouver area’s premier choice for safety and security. One of the few family businesses left in the industry, Accurate Security was founded by Mark Oljaca and is now led by his son, Tony Oljaca. From our beginnings as a single locksmith store, we have expanded to seven different locations, offering a wide range of product and services beyond and including locksmithing. Our nearly 70 employees have vast knowledge and expertise, and we are committed to the safety and security of our customers. Providing a complete range of safety and security systems, various products, and state of the art services, we provide prompt and professional services that ensure you never have to feel unsafe in your home or workplace again. For a free security screening or to learn more about all we have to offer, get in touch with our seasoned team by calling 604.777.3888 or contacting us through our website.