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Updating Your Security Cameras

If you use security cameras, where do you store the footage? You can keep it on an SD card, in a DVR, or on a disc drive, but have you considered remote video storage? Businesses that use internet-connected surveillance systems have the advantage of being able to keep footage longer, because they don’t run out of room. Let’s look at some of the other benefits of web-based surveillance.

Explaining Cloud Video Surveillance

What is cloud-managed video surveillance? Just as it sounds, using cloud-based security cameras means you’re storing your data in the cloud, rather than at a specific location. This makes it easy for you to view your footage from a remote location, accessing your files from your device. Often, you can use your existing security set up, connecting it to the internet so that you can upload your feed. This even works with closed circuit television systems, allowing CCTV footage to be stored and fully backed up so that it can be accessed conveniently.

Advantages of Online Video Monitoring

  • It allows continuous remote access to your surveillance system. No matter where you are, or which users you need to have accessing the footage, web-based surveillance allows you to access your footage remotely. This provides a great deal of flexibility in your viewing and storage.
  • Cloud-based surveillance keeps your data safe and easy for the right people to access. Storing data locally means anyone can access it, but with cloud-based surveillance, you can control who has access to your feed. It gives you the means to fully control your digital security, and a simplified way to allow stakeholders to access and manage data.
  • Internet connected storage can be scaled to meet your needs. It’s easy to create a system that meets your needs, because you can choose your preferred recording method, video quality, length of storage, and duration of cloud recording. You can easily add and remove cameras and adjust your storage period, as your needs change.
  • It’s easier to track cloud-managed surveillance data. When legal action is taken after an incident, traditional surveillance can make it tricky to determine who has viewed or copied your footage. With cloud-based surveillance, you can easily track the data and the data transparency makes it easier to determine the validity of the footage.

Contact Accurate Security for Your Next Surveillance System

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