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Wireless Security Cameras and the Internet

Most security cameras available today work using Wi-Fi. However, Wi-Fi connection does have some drawbacks, and it’s not the only way to use security cameras. Do wireless security cameras need the internet? Different types of cameras don’t need the internet to protect your home and provide video footage.

Connecting to the Internet without Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is just one way for smart devices to connect to the internet, but there are others. Some non-Wi-Fi options for connecting to the internet include Ethernet, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave. Using one of these devices, however, can limit your options for smart home automation.

Forgoing Internet Entirely

Security cameras can work without the internet, which is good if you have poor service or you can’t get high-speed access. Typically, cameras that don’t use the internet use a closed system like CCTV. However, these systems can be difficult to install, and they don’t allow you to access cameras with a smartphone app, making them less convenient. You also won’t be able to access live footage remotely or have two-way audio, which are two very helpful features in deterring theft. With a hardwired camera, you can only review footage, so you can’t stop a break-in from happening. Then, too, there will be wires throughout your home, connecting the security system.

Are there any benefits to cameras that don’t use the internet?

Truthfully, many of the best security camera features are only available if your system is connected to the internet. However, there are a few reasons you might choose a hardwired option. For one thing, internet-connected devices can be hacked, but this is not the case for offline cameras. Then, too, you won’t need to pay for cloud storage for your footage. Additionally, cameras that are not connected to the internet will not slow down your internet speed with their bandwidth needs.

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