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Smoke detector in home in Vancouver, BC

Protecting Your Home

You lock your doors and windows, and you have installed security cameras. But is your home as safe as it could be? Window sensors and door sensors provide an extra layer of security by letting you know when a door or window is opened. Here are some benefits of using sensors as part of your home security system.

They Help Protect Your Things

Perhaps the primary advantage of window and door sensors is that they notify you when a door or window is open so that you can take action. Some even have alarms that sound if the sensors are triggered, and this acts as a deterrent to anyone who would try to break into your home. Additionally, many door and window sensors can be integrated into your smart home system, for total control over home security.

They Help Protect Your Family

If you have children who are prone to wander, a door or window sensor that alerts you to movement can be extremely useful. If you have teenagers who tend to sneak out, they’re likely to be deterred by the knowledge that their parents will be notified. Older adults, too, can benefit from the protection of an alert that tells you which way someone left so that you can prevent them from wandering too far.

They Give You Peace of Mind

It’s very important to have the peace and security of knowing that your home is protected. You can sleep easily, knowing that your doors and windows have full protection. If you are someone with valuable items in your home, or someone who has been robbed in the past, this is particularly valuable.

How do door and window sensors work?

Door and window sensors are made up of two parts that form a circuit. One half of this circuit is a magnet, and the other half is an alarm transmitter. When a door or window is opened, it breaks the contact between the two sections, and this trips an electrical circuit that sends a signal to your alarm keypad or home security app, letting you know what has been opened. Window and door sensors are flexible and can be installed on numerous types of doors and windows, including sliding doors and skylights.

Trust Accurate Security for Home and Business Security Solutions

For every component of your security system, trust Accurate Security. Since 1968, Accurate Security has served homes and businesses in the Lower Mainland, and we’re the Greater Vancouver area’s premier choice for safety and security. One of the few family businesses left in the industry, Accurate Security was founded by Mark Oljaca and is now led by his son, Tony Oljaca. From our beginnings as a single locksmith store, we have expanded to seven different locations, offering a wide range of products and services beyond and including locksmithing. We also carry a full range of alarm systems, customized for your unique property, to boost the security of your home or business against burglary and vandalism. Our nearly 70 employees have vast knowledge and expertise, and we are committed to the safety and security of our customers. Providing a complete range of safety and security systems, various products, and state-of-the-art services, we provide prompt and professional services that ensure you never have to feel unsafe in your home or workplace again. For a free security screening or to learn more about all we have to offer, get in touch with our seasoned team by calling 604.777.3888 or contacting us through our website.