Digital/IP Video Surveillance in British Columbia

Accurate Security has a wide array of digital video systems for our clients throughout British Columbia. No matter what your residential or commercial security needs may be, our team offers customized security solutions, including digital video system installations and expert service.

Accurate is proud to carry several state of the art digital IP cameras. Digital/IP video surveillance systems enable the end user to view and audit events that occur in monitored areas at residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sites. We also carry monitors, servers, DVRs and equipment for all phases of video surveillance.

Outdoor Video Surveillance

Accurate can help you protect outdoor areas, including parking lots, yards and other spaces. Cameras can be installed to provide an audit of events that occur in many indoor and outdoor settings. Areas like parking lots are very susceptible to theft and vandalism. Protect your outdoor areas with surveillance and equipment installed by Accurate. Cameras are not just a tool to review, they also act as a visual and mental deterrent.

IP Servers & Digital Video Recorders

The Accurate team will design a surveillance system that suits your needs perfectly. Digital video recorders with 4, 9 and 16 segment camera views allow the end user to monitor and review many areas at once. Users can pan, tilt and zoom the camera as they need. Accurate is also proud to offer our clients video monitoring services from our monitoring facility.